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The Partners

National Technical University of Athens - Greece (Coordinator)
Contact Person
NTUA is the oldest, most prestigious and most competitive academic institute in Greece. NTUA is a multidisciplinary scientific unit that offers advice on energy policy issues at urban, regional, national and international level as well as consulting, training and R&D services on a wide range of complex societal and technical issues. NTUA has a long tradition in consulting, promotion, training and research activities in the areas of environmental planning at regional and national level, climate change, sustainable development and energy conservation, including multi-criteria support tools and methods for the assessment of sustainable development policies/strategies.
website: www.ntua.gr
Alexandra Papadopoulou

Tel: (+30) 210 772 2083
Fax: (+30) 210 772 3550
E-mail: alexpapa@epu.ntua.gr
Municipality of Amyntaio (AMYNTAIO) - Greece
Anastasia Allilomi

Tel: (+30) 2386350134
E-mail: allilomian@amyntaio.gr

AMYNTAIO is located in the southwestern part of Florina, in the Prefecture of Macedonia (Greece) and occupies a total area of 240.1 km2. AMYNTAIO aims to arrange and lead the regional energy development. Currently, sporadic and ad-hoc efforts are put in place on the basis of an eco-friendlier energy policy, towards the sustainable energy development of municipality.
website: www.amyntaio.gr

Energy Agency Upper Styria (EAO) - Austria
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EAO was founded by the municipalities of the three districts Judenburg, Knittelfeld and Murau in the year 1998, as an EU-project in the SAVE II programme. The energy agency is a public association, owned by 50 municipalities in the region. EAO works also in EC and national R&D and cooperation projects. It is responsible for the promotion and development of RES/RUE projects, as well as advice and consultancy work.
website: www.eao.st
Dipl.-Ing. Josef Bärnthaler

Tel: (0043) 3577 26664
E-mail: office@eao.st

Municipality of Judenburg (JUDENBURG) - Austria
Eva Volkar

Tel: (0043) 3572 83141/276
E-mail: e.volkar@judenburg.at

JUDENBURG is situated at an altitude of 737 meters above sea level, on the edge of the inner alpine basin of Murtal (Mur valley) and occupies a total area of 13.22 km2. JUDENBURG support solar and photovoltaic panels, the insulation of houses and the installation of biomass heating systems. In 1997, JUDENBURG initiated the creation of the EAO that promotes the use of RES and RUE in the whole region.
website: www.judenburg.at

North - West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) -  Croatia

Contact Person
Mr. sc. Vesna Kolega

Tel: + 385 1 7775499
E-mail: vkolega@regea.org

REGEA has been founded in 2007 by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and City of Zagreb under the framework of the IEE programme. The main objective and role of the Agency is promoting and encouraging of regional sustainable development in the fields of energy and environmental protection through RES utilization and energy efficiency measures implementation.
website: www.regea.org

Black Sea Energy Research Centre (BSERC) - Bulgaria
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BSERC is a non-government organization, successor of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre. The Centre aims at developing co-operation between the countries of the Black Sea region and EU in the energy sector. Apart from its international activities, the Centre is actively involved in the Bulgarian energy sector.
website: www.bserc.eu
Cvetoslava Coneva

Tel. +359 2 980 68 54
E-mail: cvetoslava@bsrec.bg
Asenovgrad Municipality (ASENOVGRAD) - Bulgaria
Ilko Nikolov

Tel. +359 882173922
E-mail: nikolov_ilko@yahoo.com
ASENOVGRAD occupies the southeast part of the District of Plovdiv and is situated along the two banks of the Assenitsa (Chepelarska, Chaya) River. ASENOVGRAD has experience in implementing energy efficiency measures in municipal buildings and municipal educational infrastructure. The main priorities of ASENOVGRAD are the development of economy, human resources development and development of infrastructure and environmental protection.
website: asenovgrad.info

IrRADIARE, Ltd (IrRADIARE) - Portugal
Contact Person
IrRADIARE initiated its activities in 1995. Since then, IrRADIARE has provided competitive services in the field of applied Research and Innovation for a number of sectors ranging from large industries, Municipalities, Government Bodies and Public Services. IrRADIARE’s activities are focused on consultancy and systems by combining model-based solutions with research and innovation management.
website: irradiare.com
Elsa Ferreira Nunes

Tel: +351210937907,
E-mail: elsa.nunes@irradiare.com
Sertã City Council (CM SERTÃ) - Portugal
Paulo Luís

Tel: +351274600300
E-mail: pauloluis@cm-serta.pt

CM SERTÃ is located in central Portugal, on the District of Castelo Branco and is composed by fourteen villages with distinct characteristics, in what regards the number of inhabitants, economic and social conditions. The city’s mission is to plan, organize and implement municipal policies in public space, social intervention, community education, environment, energy efficiency, culture and sport, providing services to citizens.
website: www.cm-serta.pt

Town of Neumarkt (in the Upper Palatinate) (NEUMARKT) - Germany

Contact Person
Ralf Mützel

Tel: +49 9181/512266
E-mail: ralf.muetzel@neumarkt.de

NEUMARKT is situated in the very heart of Bavaria and occupies a total area of 79.01 km2. Commercial and industrial estates with legally binding development plan are provided with a flexible planning grid, which makes it possible to cater ideally to the individual investors’ needs, as experience has shown. NEUMARKT has already joined the Climate Alliance since March 2008 and has signed the CoM since February 2009.
website: www.neumarkt.de