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eReNet fosters the rural learning communities in:
  • contributing to the reduction of municipality resources and required capacity building for the development of tailor made SEAPs and their monitoring.
  • capacity building of the related actors through knowledge transfer from experienced communities;
  • best practices of energy sustainable development;
  • linking energy actors at local and EU level.
More specifically, the services provided include the following:
  • Customization of existing SEAP methodologies to the rural communities’ characteristics;
  • Development of 6 SEAPs for EU communities (2 in Croatia, and 1 in Austria, Greece, Portugal and Bulgaria). Within the SEAPs, regional energy balances and emission baselines will be developed;
  • Strengthening the municipal capacities as regards the SEAPs elaboration, the development of energy balances, emission inventory and emission baselines;
  • Develop web applications of selected SEAPs’ methodologies and tools;
  • Development of 2 bankable RES/RUE projects per community, matured enough to be included under structural funds;
  • Engaging population in the learning rural municipalities, as well as allover EU, through workshops, information days, training seminars and wide dissemination activities.