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Expected Results

The expected results of the project are the following:
  • Development of 6 customized SEAPs for the eRENET learning communities;
  • Attractive RES/RUE initiatives that will evolve to 2 bankable projects per community, matured enough to be included under national or EU structural funds;
  • Strengthening the economic development, achieving the creation of 40 permanent, full time jobs on these initiatives;
  • Enhancement of the communities’ capacity building, through 2 training workshops and 5 training seminars, 10 audio – video training materials and related guide;
  • Contributing to national, as well as EU targets, through triggering at least 18,800t CO2eq GHG emission reduction per year, 2,000 toe/year energy savings and 4,000 toe/year renewable energy production;
  • Simplification of the SEAPs’ development and monitoring procedure, contributing to the successful SEAP’s monitoring, achieving 95% of the targets set within the SEAP for the 1st implementation year;  
  • At least two information days on project financing possibilities in the learning communities (10 in total), with the participation of 50 stakeholders each.