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The new EU 2020 sustainable development vision provides an opportunity to tackle the current crisis through maintaining local wealth.
The rural communities are inhabited by a large amount of Europe’s population, covering 90% of its surface and generating 45% of gross added value in EU-27 and 53% of the employment.
These communities face particular challenges with regards to growth, jobs and sustainability, which have been aggravated by the financial and economical crisis. However, they possess a vast potential for the realization of Renewable Energy & Rational Use of Energy (RES/RUE) activities.
It is important that rural communities be adequately supported, since they face particular barriers that strangle their development efforts:
  • lack of technical capacity;
  • limited resources;
  • lower development rates;
  • unawareness to the state-of-the-art, potential benefits, best practices.
eRENET aims to add value to local actions in rural communities, creating an intelligent and integrated “Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action”. eRENET will foster rural communities in the development, implementation and monitoring of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), and enhance capacity building of the related actors through knowledge transfer from experienced communities.
eRENET is carried out under the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) Programme.
Intelligent Energy for Europe