Municipality of Judenburg (JUDENBURG), Austria

JUDENBURG is situated at an altitude of 737 meters above sea level, on the edge of the inner alpine basin of Murtal (Mur valley) and occupies a total area of 13.22 km2, 4.12 km2 of which for agriculture/forestry. It has 9,446 inhabitants and there are approximately 5,600 jobs. JUDENBURG is part of a region that once relied greatly on heavy industry and some companies still bear witness to that time.
Important players in the energy field are on the one hand the federal state hospital Judenburg, as well as some industrial companies (steel industry), because of their potential for energy saving and renewable energy consumption and on the other hand the pulp manufacturer, ZPA Pöls, that has the potential to supply the region with 80 GWh thermal energy from its industrial waste heat (biomass firing, black liqueur).

In addition, JUDENBURG has already implemented a number of initiatives: