Town of Dugo Selo (DUGO SELO), Croatia

DUGO SELO is located 20 kilometers east from Zagreb, in the Zagreb County and occupies a total area of 53 km2. DUGO SELO consists of eleven villages and the population amounted 14,441 inhabitants, according to 2001 census data. Average annual population growth rate is 3.67% and average density is 273 inhabitants per sq. km.

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, main occupation of this region has been agriculture. Today, in addition to land cultivation, people also grow wine and fruit on the slopes of Martin Breg. The very beginning of the century also saw the development of industrial and trade activities. At that time, brick-making and wood-processing facilities were first built, followed by bake-house and metal processing plant. The class of tradesmen and merchants emerged and these activities – trade, services and hospitality industry – remain the most important to this day.