Municipality of Assenovgrad (ASSENOVGRAD), Bulgaria

ASENOVGRAD occupies the southeast part of the District of Plovdiv and is situated along the two banks of the Assenitsa (Chepelarska, Chaya) River. It covers a small part of the Thracian Lowland to the north and encompasses spacious areas of the Rhodope Mountains to the south, as a result of which a substantial part of the terrain is strongly indented and inclined. The municipality's territory is 615 sq. km and is the largest in the Rhodopes and the second largest in the District of Plovdiv. It is situated at the foot of the mountain at an altitude above sea level about 220 m and is 19 km away from the town of Plovdiv and about 180 km away from the capital Sofia.

The municipality is poor in minerals, but its geographic location is favourable to the development of almost all agricultural sectors and cultures. A lesser extent of ASENOVGRAD territory lies within the high wind energy zone – mountain ridges and summits of over 1,000 m altitude. In particular, the average annual wind speed in this zone is over 6-7 m/sec and the percentage of hours annually with higher speed winds than this amount is over 70-85%.

The main priorities of ASENOVGRAD are the development of economy, human resources, infrastructure and environmental protection. In this respect, through this initiative and based on ASENOVGRAD desire to move towards sustainable development, the resources’ potential can be exploited to a large extent.