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Energy Globe Award

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), eReNet Coordinator, received the award certificate for the National Energy Globe Award Greece 2013 during a ceremony held in the NTUA premises, on the 29th of May 2013. In this context, Mr. Bruno Freitag, Commercial Councellor of the Austrian Embassy in Athens, in his brief address, presented an overview of the Energy Globe Award and the main criteria for the final selection of eReNet project. In addition, a video about Energy Globe was presented. Prof. John Psarras, eReNet Project Coordinator, received the award from Mr. Bruno Freitag and her Excellency Mrs. Melita Schubert, Ambassador of Austria in Athens,  and expressed his thanks for it.
The key message of Prof. Psarras to municipalities’ representatives is that with hard work, long term vision and political commitment, rural sustainable communities can be created.
eReNet: Rural but still…..Sustainable.

eReNet on Energy Globe Award Website

From left to right: Her Excellency Mrs. Melita Schubert, Ambassador of Austria in Athens, Mr. Bruno Freitag, commercial counsellor of the Austrian Embassy in Athens, Mr. Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Director in PPC renewables, Mr. Yiannis Xatzivasiliadis, General Secretary of the Institute for Energy for South East Europe, Prof. John Psarras, Prof. Yannis Vassiliou